World Of Hyatt Globalist Breakfast Benefit: Reminder That Gratuities Are Always Included!

Today we’re turning to a matter that has often been discussed among hotel guests at various Hyatt hotels and pops up regularly whenever I stay at one of their properties: Are gratuities included for the Globalist restaurant breakfast where no club lounge is available?

Globalist members of the World of Hyatt program are entitled to a daily complimentary breakfast either at the hotel club lounge where available or the respective restaurant outlet where breakfast is served.

One point of contention, especially in North America, is the question if the tip based on the regular purchase price of the breakfast is already included in the benefit or not.

Especially these days when there are rarely any club lounges open where breakfast would be served, guests are mainly directed to the main restaurant and have access to a full breakfast buffet.

While this is always miles better than the mediocre items served in North American club lounges for breakfast, guests are usually asked to sign a receipt that shows the actual price of a full breakfast buffet, and some guests feel compelled to leave an additional tip despite Hyatt having clarified years ago that the gratuities are included for Globalist members taking their complimentary breakfast.

Some hotels are good and honest with this and display the inclusion on the receipt:

Others – and this is where the confusion stems from – are not forthcoming about this and suggest (some servers even solicit) that additional tips should be given.

You can ignore such solicitations. Tips are included and Hyatt has stated that publicly several times.

Some examples where I recently stayed at Hyatt’s and enjoyed breakfast at the restaurant included

  • Andaz Los Angeles WeHo (signed receipt, didn’t mention tips are included)
  • Thompson Hollywood (signed receipt, didn’t mention tips are included)
  • Tommy Hollywood JDV (didn’t ask me to sign anything)
  • Hyatt Regency Vancouver (receipt showed 15% SVC included but waiter appeared miffed that I didn’t leave additional cash during my three-day stay)

I had some stays at international locations as well but tips aren’t a thing in either Asia or Europe. All “situations” involving breakfast tips have always occurred in North America.

There is nothing wrong with leaving additional tips for staff that really goes above and beyond but I don’t see any reason of leaving extra cash beyond what the hotel already covers for a situation where someone just refills my orange juice twice. Given the overpriced price for the breakfast, the server will still receive $ 6 for this through the hotel’s WOH accounting / reimbursement channel.

Mind you, this rule is Hyatt-specific. Other chains such as Marriott do not include tips for Elite members and as such it’s just fair and suitable to leave a few dollars for the server. Any amount around $ 5 / pax is appropriate in my opinion.


World of Hyatt Globalist members that are staying at Hyatt properties and consuming their complimentary daily breakfast should be aware that their breakfast benefit is total and includes a service charge (tip) for the restaurant staff wherever it’s normally customary to leave one.

In cases where waiters are pushing for additional tips, guests shouldn’t feel bad to clarify with the restaurant manager that the gratuity is included and don’t get intimidated into leaving additional cash. You can also write “GLOBALIST – incl.” in the respective tip line on the receipt. Servers and restaurant managers know this full well and any attempt to collect additional tips is just them playing games.

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