Tyson Fury’s net worth and how he spends his fortune from glam holidays with Paris to days out in Morecambe

Tyson Fury is Lancashire’s biggest celebrity with a net worth and lifestyle as big as his character.

The Gypsy King who hails from Morecambe is no stranger to the limelight that is the global boxing world. Fury’s fights have taken his lucrative career from strength to strength, boosting not only his popularity but overall net worth.

After a whirlwind year for the Fury clan, Tyson told the world that his vow to retire would be short lived. The Gypsy King initially announced his retirement from the sport in April this year after beating Dillian Whyte in a sixth-round stoppage in front of a 94,000 crowd at Wembley.

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But earlier this month, the Morecambe boxing legend described his retirement decision as being “dropped in the middle of the Atlantic ocean without a boat or a paddle or anything”. In true Fury style, making his comeback di lui didn’t take long as he announced a trilogy fight with old foe Derek Chisora ​​on December 3, after the collapse of negotiations for a prospective domestic showdown with Anthony Joshua.

Fury V Chisora ​​won’t be the only thing bringing the world champion to the ring as he announced a further heavyweight unification bout against Oleksandr Usyk. The date has not yet been confirmed but the MIN reports Fury hopes to the challenge the Ukrainian, in a bout which is reportedly being eyed for December 17 in Saudi Arabia.

The headline fights which have gripped thousands of crowds have all added to Fury’s reported net worth of £130 million. His trilogy bouts with Deontay Wilder alongside the finale bout with Whyte raked in around £100 million for the boxer.

Tyson Fury often posts from Morecambe Bay's promenade
Tyson Fury often posts from Morecambe Bay’s promenade

Fury’s 27 other bouts, his two best selling books and his own range of ‘Furiocity’ energy drinks have all also added to the whopping multi-million pound figure. With a net worth as big as his, Fury has spent little time holding back on life’s luxuries.

Celebrating his retirement, Fury wasn’t afraid of splashing the cash on a glorious getaway with his wife Paris on an £18,000 a night superyacht in sunny Cannes. Tyson and wife Paris share six children – Venezuela, 12, Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson Fury II, five, Prince Adonis Amaziah, two, Valencia Amber, four, and baby Athena.

Paris and Tyson on the luxury yacht
Paris and Tyson on the luxury yacht

Florida was also a destination for Tyson to soak up a bit of sun at the end of last year as he whisked his six kids and his wife to Disneyland for a magical break. However one thing the Gypsy King hasn’t lost with fame are his Morecambe roots.

Fury has spoken of his love for the coastal town time and time again and putting his money where his mouth is, has proved his dedication to his hometown with countless appearances in and around the area. He often visits local restaurants and coffee spots, as well as using the seaside town as his own personal gym.

In fact, the Gypsy King often documents his morning jogs along the Morecambe promenade but in September this year he was accompanied by a special guest. A determined young schoolboy Presley Pennington, 14, drove 50 miles with his parents from him to Morecambe, in the hope of catching the Gypsy King during his workout.

Presley Pennington running with Tyson Fury in Morecambe
Presley Pennington running with Tyson Fury in Morecambe

After sleeping in a canopy above his parent’s campervan, the shocked lad managed to bump into his hero during a 6am run along the seafront. The excited youngster filmed a video of their meeting, where he can be heard yelling “With Tyson on a run” while being urged on by the 120kg prizefighter.

Sticking with the bay, Fury even posted a video on his Instagram page and he hurtled into the freezing sea. The video showed the boxer flex his muscles before sprinting off into the ocean only to crash and fall into the waves- despite the likely sub zero temperatures, he used this moment to reiterate his love for him for the coast.

Tyson Fury has shared a tribute to Morecambe with his followers on Instagram
Tyson Fury has shared a tribute to Morecambe with his followers on Instagram

As well moving more to keep fit, being a heavyweight is no easy feat as in the run up to the Deontay Wilder fight, Fury was said to have been eating six meals a day in preparation for the fight. Of those six meals, he often opted for a curry and not just any curry, one from his favorite takeaway – Sultan of Lancaster Experience on Lancaster University’s campus.

Tyson Fury in Sultan of Lancaster Experience
Tyson Fury in Sultan of Lancaster Experience

Ahead of the headlining fight, Fury was spotted eating at the spot and even stopped to pose for a photograph with the staff and owners. The dad of six often takes his family on days out in Morecambe but when his growing brood of him visited a local fairground, the staff were in for a big surprise.

A fairground ride operator received a big surprise after telling off children who were reportedly misbehaving at a fairground ride in Morecambe. The worker had apparently told the kids they would have to leave if they did n’t stop messing around but he could not have guessed what was to come when one of the boys said he’d get his dad to come down.

Paris and Tyson Fury with their extended family at Ambleside
Paris and Tyson Fury with their extended family at Ambleside

During a more peaceful outing, Fury, Paris and their six kids traveled to Ambleside in the Lake District with Tyson’s brother Shane and his other half Helen. The family ended up needing a table for 15 when they booked a reservation as Boaters Bar in Bowness.

The Morecambe dad also treated his family to an intimate outing at a local hotel. Fury shared an adorable family snap outside The Morecambe Hotel on Lord Street where the family had enjoyed a roast dinner over a bank holiday weekend. In the photo, Tyson and his boys are seen wearing matching Gypsy King tracksuits while Paris goes for an all white ensemble as the family pose outside the Morecambe Hotel.

Fury’s next appearance will be his bout against Chisora, whom Morecambe-based Fury previously beat in 2011 and 2014. It will take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and represent the 34-year-old Fury’s first fight since a routine sixth-round stoppage of another domestic rival, Dillian Whyte, in April.

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