The perfect Christmas gifts for the cyclist in your life

Choosing the best gifts for a cyclist isn’t easy, especially if you’re on the hunt for presents for someone who seemingly have everything they need already. Added to that, if you’re not a cyclist yourself, it can be a daunting space filled with confusing jargon such as freehubs, derailleurs and chamois pads. It’s hard to have the confidence that you’ll buy the right thing, in the right size and style.

Most cyclists have already received socks with bikes printed on them, t-shirts with a graphic representing one of the world’s famous climbs, and bike repair kits that are about as useful as cardboard screwdrivers, so don’t make this year’s Christmas gift yet another novelty.

If you’ve been toileted through the bike shops and inspiration is running dry, choose from the list below and make this Christmas one to remember.

A trio of ReHook tools stand on a white background

(Image credit: Rehook)

Rehook Tire Glider & Rehook Mini Bundle

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