Skinny London house that’s less than 9ft wide goes on sale for £ 1.3million

See that skinny house in the middle? That could be all yours for £ 1.3million (Picture: Dexters)

This house might be on the narrow side of things, but it packs in a lot more than you’d think.

So while you might baulk at a guide price of £ 1.3million (and yes, that is a lot of money, let’s be real), it makes a lot more sense once you go inside.

From the outside, though, your first impression of this two-bedroom house in London Fields will likely be something along the lines of: ‘bit skinny, isn’t it?’.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The property is indeed a bit skinny, with its widest point just over 8ft and 9inches, and its narrowest coming in at 6ft 8inches.

It offers 895.5sq ft of space, spread over four floors, and has some clever design features to make the most of its unusually narrow dimensions.

Enter through the front door and head down to the lower ground floor and you’ll be greeted by some smart storage cupboards by a simple staircase… plus a rather snazzy bathroom with a tub in the center of a stylish concrete floor.

Okay, so downstairs is this fun artwork (Picture: Dexters)
Plus a rather cool bathroom, complete with a skylight (Picture: Dexters)

Head up a level and you reach the kitchen, where you’ll spot the rather cool space-saving stairs. Check out the pictures and you’ll see what we mean – they’re slightly angled to create a design feature while also playing with the limited space on offer.

The kitchen itself is pretty lovely, with wood floors and paneling on the ceiling.

Also on this level is the reception room, and it’s from here that you can head out to the garden, which feels like a bit of a woodland oasis.

Upstairs on the ground floor is a reception room (Picture: Dexters)
Plus the kitchen (Picture: Dexters)
Check out those swiveled stairs (Picture: Dexters)
There’s a narrow garden, too (Picture: Dexters)

Head upstairs again and you’ll find the first bedroom, again with modern wooden floors and a nice big window out to the garden, and then above that is your second bedroom.

There’s no bathroom up here, so yes, you do need to go down quite a few stairs to nip to the loo. Be warned.

But it’s rather nice, isn’t it? You’d forget you’re in a not-so-wide space once you’re in that bathtub… we think.

Then upstairs again you’ll find a bedroom on its own floor (Picture: Dexters)
This could also serve as a nice home office space (Picture: Dexters)
And another bedroom on another floor, with a view of the garden (Picture: Dexters)

Dexters, who are selling the property, describe it as ‘a truly unique house in one of the most exciting areas of London’.

‘A striking design connected over four floors by a bespoke steel and timber staircase,’ reads the listing. ‘The house has a south-facing, tree lined, private garden and off street parking.

‘The property is located two minutes walk from London Fields, close to Broadway Market and less than a mile from Dalston Junction and Hackney Downs overground.’

If you do happen to have a spare £ 1.3million and a passion for skinny houses, you can book in a viewing through the listing.

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