Records Lionel Messi can break with Cristiano Ronaldo leaving European football

Both footballers are considered as the greatest footballers of all time

For the current generations rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is really special. They both are paying in same era, also have played in same league for long with two arch-rival clubs. Both have got their share of accolades in last 15-17 years of service to the game. Now standing at the near end of their career both still have a lot to challenge each other, Lionel Messi won the FIFA World Cup recently in Qatar, while Cristiano Ronaldo had a tough year in 2022. After an unfortunate mid-season departure from Manchester United, Ronaldo had to leave European football and landed himself in Middle–East Asia. Just a few days back Ronaldo signed a 200 Million Euro whooping deal with Al-Nassr in Saudi Pro League.

With this departure from Cristiano Ronaldo, he has left a legacy behind in European football with many records under his name. In the other hand, after the FIFA World Cup 2022 victory Lionel Messi is booming in confidence. Ronaldo’s departure from Europe has left some scope for Messi to break few of his records in European football. Messi in his next assignment with Parsi Saint-Germain will be eyeing to overtake Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi with a World Cup win has taken an edge over Ronaldo with a FIFA World Cup win in Qatar.

Most Goals in Europes Top 5 leagues

Cristiano Ronaldo – 696 goals
Lionel Messi – 695 goals

Lionel Messi is just 2 short of overtaking Ronaldo. Messi for Barcelona and PSG combined have scored for 695 goals while Ronaldo for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus have scored 696 goals. With Ronaldo leaving Europe for Saudi Arab Messi has a great opportunity of leaving Ronaldo behind. Previously Messi held this record which Ronaldo overtook.

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Champions League goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – 140 goals
Lionel Messi – 129 goals

Champions League was in mind of Ronaldo when he was with Manchester United and got relegated to Europa League. PSG star Lionel Messi is 12 goals behind Ronaldo in Champions League. Messi with a current good run of form may soon overtake Ronaldo in these stats too.

Champions League Assists

Cristiano Ronaldo – 41
Lionel Messi – 40

Best in Playmaking Lionel Messi in next one or two games of UEFA Champions League may overtake Cristiano Ronaldo. With 40 assists in Europe’s biggest league tournament Messi is just one short of equaling Ronaldo’s 41. Messi as a point guard for Paris Saint-Germain will get a wonderful support of Kylian Mbappe as striker. This record of Ronaldo looks unsafe too.

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Total Club Goals in Europe

Cristiano Ronaldo – 701 goals
Lionel Messi – 695 goals

In Total club goals for Messi is 7 behind Cristiano Ronaldo. If we add Ronaldo’s number for Sporting CP in Europe he is in 6 goals lead with Messi. Ronaldo has scored overall 701 goals in Europe playing in Portugal, England, Spain & Italy. With a stop in European career for Ronaldo, Messi has a golden chance to overtake Ronaldo in total club goals as well.

National Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – 118
Lionel Messi – 98

Portugal in World Cup 2022 Round of 16 game against Switzerland benched Cristiano Ronaldo. Now with a move to Saudi Arab his career as an international player looks almost as end. While Messi roaring and unexpectedly not retired from International football may overtake Ronaldo in International goals as well. If he continues to play for good 2-3 long years he will sure become top scorer.

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