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Parents and teachers have an exceptionally significant role to hammer out a growth mindset among the children

Change is the integral part of our personal as well as professional development. More often it can be unsettling but is incredibly important to endorse and go through. Right change at the right point of time can have immense impact on your positive personal or professional development. If you are serious about change, you have to go through uncomfortable situations. Stop trying to dodge the process. It is the only way to grow. Everything in our life is a reflection of our choices. If we want different results, we have to make different choices. Easy things don’t help us grow but we grow when we face challenges. If it does not challenge you, it does not change you. Great things never come from a comfort zone. Change shall aim at prospects with a constructive scaled up growth and disdain about any perspective of “public eye”. Stop impressing the crowd as an alien environment can not define your individuality about your choice generation. Change determines our quality of living and helps us to build the world of choice. In the sea of ​​life, we cannot make the empire of our aspirations by riding on the vehicle administered by the sea winds; it is made when we cut through the sharp edges of the waves to carve a road for our growth and development. It is not easy though but the purpose, determination and self belief can get you through. This is the starting point of all achievement. Once you start to believe in yourself, miracles start to unfold. You glow differently when your confidence is fueled by belief in yourself.
Change permits you to become a person of your choice. If you want to change yourself and you have the resilience and determination to change, that will help you to take command of yourself. You will tear apart the chains of stagnation and will tread through the path of growth and development. You will acquire the skill set as per need and choice. Time changes, demand changes so do the credentials to be a successful person. Therefore, if a person gets stuck without updating his skill set he will be irrelevant and outdated; hence a liability. One ought to have the courage to break the patterns in life that are no longer serving. If you are able to pin point the areas of your growth, with changing time and demand in your career, you are discontented with or need further development, being able to change determines your progressive mindset and unbending character; the important components for growth and success. Getting driven within you is a driving force to scale new heights.
Some changes are beyond your control, guided by external circumstances you will have to accept them, come what may! That will test your soft skills – a new experience being flexible and understanding prepares you for the future. It adds a kind of value system in you. Adaptability in a given situation or in a given group is a symbol of smartness and of a paramount substance for a team-man. It sometimes can be taxing for your character but being able to grow from challenges is an elemental prerequisite for your personal development.
Change always keeps you in a loop to be a “different you” as per demand. Everything around you changes with the passage of time. Novel ideas creep-in to master the societal dynamics and take its control. Being aware of the changes taking place around you and being able to be with the tide, ensure your life be exciting, filled with thrill and development.
Empower your mindset with good positive vibes. Talk to yourself and foresee the life before and after five years from now. Check your level of evolution and the pace thereof. Self – introspection is the key to tread forward. Filtration of thought and action is incredibly important. Now identify the challenges you are going to encounter and change yourself accordingly. Mental infrastructure you lay today determines how attractive a person you are going to be. To build rapport with ever-changing dimensions of society, you have to sense the dynamics of change in your mindset. Read, talk, see and feel to be the person of choice today and in future. For you, you are the books you read, the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversations you engage in. So feed your mind rationally and appropriately. Choose people who continuously push you to grow and are good for your mental health. Your personality is an average outcome of your company – may it be books, friends or videos you love to watch.
There is a dire need to settle the psychological health at par with the medically prescribed statistics and inquire into the hormonal games buzzing within the generation so that we can respect the evolution of dynamism of personality make-up. Nature has its own road to tread on. The inherent paradox in the institutional academics is to inhibit the process of evolution of personalities is that we succumb to societal stewardship. We hardly let talents to shape themselves to a constructive engineering and their materialization to correspond to real-life requirements. Parenting and teaching shall not end in policing rather they shall create an ecosystem of harmony to the extent of growth led development of every talented cell. Let’s not develop intellect at the expense of emotional holocaust. Both provide an instrument to one another to play the song that had been hitherto unheard. This shall create every “self” motivated by inherent potentials to create a new apparatus dear to all.
Parents and teachers have an exceptionally significant role to hammer out a growth mindset among the children. The process of learning something new is exciting to children and is a skill that you can help them to cultivate and encourage as they grow. The quality of guidance ensures them to learn through the challenges. They will never shy away to experiment a new change which will set them up for success for entire life. Fear of failure or fear of rejection cuts short the growth is straightforward cause of one’s stagnation. Ironically, we judge a child even in the formative years of his age di lei that congeals his creativity di lei to try something different. A child feels safe by following the trodden path only. His desire for him to change dies its own death. It is up to parents and teachers to break the generational trauma. The custom to praise their efforts and periodic performance-appraisal reports thereof can to large extent reduce the fear of change. They have to be a positive role model for the kids to abandon their fear of failure to endeavor new things and to embrace changes required in the course of their life, time in and time out. Learn, unlearn and re-learn decide the charisma of our children as it is said, “True life is lived when tiny changes occur”.
Allama Iqbal quotes:
Nahi hai na-umeed Iqbal apni kasht-e-wiran se
Zara nam ho to, ye mitti bohat zarkheiz hai saqi.

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