‘No Way You Defending That’: Deji Stuns Boxing Fans as He Leaves Floyd Mayweather With a Bruised Eye

It is over now. The admixture of drama and reality at Dubai’s Coca-Cola arena yesterday has drawn close. The focus of everyone’s attention – Floyd Mayweather versus Deji Olatunji received muddled reactions.


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The eight-round bout went on the expected line for some. But few who came with rose-colored glasses were left desolate.


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The exhibition match was fixed for eight rounds. Viewers saw an easygoing Floyd dancing around and showboating in front of a rather serious-looking Deji. Probably the cat was playing with the mouse before it went for the final kill.

And it happened in the sixth round. Once satisfied, Mayweather gave Deji a taste of the left and right combo. The hapless Youtuber, left with no answers, was probably waiting for a miracle. And it happened when referee Kenny Bayless stepped, waving his hands to stop the fight.

Arguably a walkover, it did leave its imprint. Deji is now a proud owner of bragging rights for having landed an accurate punch that left an unsavory bruise under the champion’s left eye.

Mayweather was gracious enough to she applauded the twenty-five year old internet celebrity – “I’m glad that he landed a good shot.” This is a part of fighting.”

Further, “This is a part of entertainment. These people want to see entertainment and fun and that’s what we both gave them tonight. You’re a hell of a fighter, you’re a hell of a competitor, and keep up the great work.”

In September, the first announcement of the fight came. Then, the buzz over the fight started giving other main title fights a run for their money. Finally, on September 20th, the promoters Global Titans confirmed the date, site, and presence of undercards to match the centerpiece.

When The Tank Rolled Over The Money

During a post-fight meet with reports, when asked about the bruise, Mayweather replied, “Yeah! Absolutely. ……. That’s cool. We had fun tonight. You guys wanted to see a little something. I had to close the gap. ….Ambience….”

Fans were quick not to beat about the bush.

Now was that below the belt?

Defenders of The Money were quick to shoot.

Now you can’t ignore critics at the heels.


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Forwards, Onwards: Floyd Mayweather and Deji Olatunji

The fifth exhibition match has fans asking for the ‘who’s next’ against Floyd. Pieces of hearsay do chip in Jake Paul and KSI’s names. Deji will have to contend with only one professional win against Fousey as far as his boxing record goes. Whether he plans to pursue a career in boxing and, if so, against whom he will be out in the open sooner or later.


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Which side of the ring were you sitting on? Do you think all that playing about could have ended soon or whether Floyd should have allowed the match to go till the end, the way it went for Logan?

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