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The NBA is a brand that is constantly looking to expand and open itself to new markets. Either it’s internationally just like the past Paris game between Pistons and Bulls, or even technologically, like the recently released mobile game “All-World”, an augmented reality product designed by the creators of “Pokemon Go”.

The truth is the organization is always growing, or as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver once said, “just like any other business, you innovate or die.” Just recently, new data predicted what the NBA could look like in 2030, making a financial projection based on current statistics over which will be the highest-earning teams in the near future.

The Golden State Warriors are expected to generate the most revenue among NBA franchises by 2030, with a projected annual revenue of $628 million – a 143% jump from their current earnings.

Here are the highest-earning NBA team predictions according to

New data predicts highest-earning NBA teams by 2030

The Lakers are anticipated to fall to the third position during the next seven years. Their projected revenue is predicted to be $501 million, which means a leap of 59%. the New York Knicks should be the second highest-earning club with $507 million in revenue – a 70% jump.

New York is probably the biggest surprise of the list, as the franchise has always had powerful exposure as a brand, but we can’t say the same about the team’s performances. Last time they were close to a championship was during the 1998/99 season, when Patrick Ewing was the club’s star.

Just yesterday, AI Betting Edge opened a poll on Twitter whether they will be NBA champions by 2030. Although most voted against New York winning the title any time soon, based on these financial predictions, who knows? They might be wrong!

Across the NBA, the average team is projected to increase by 74% – around $159 million.

What can we expect from the NBA in the next seven years?

We expect many things to change, just as many things have changed in the past decade. Just as an example, not too long ago NBA executives were talking about opening the possibility for more franchises to join the championship. “Going to 32 teams is a matter of when, not if,” one team executive predicted. “The money is too big.”

Also, we do know for a fact the NBA is growing internationally. And no, we are not just talking about the rise of foreign players dominating the league like Slovenian Luka Doncic, Serbian Nikola Jokic, or French Joel Embiid, we actually mean the league is going to new places beyond the United States border!

Just last week Silver met with French President Emmanuel Macron to empower the sport both in France and in Africa.

Ever since that famous game in Tokyo between the Suns and the Jazz back in 1990, the best basketball league in the world has celebrated abroad a total of 34 official regular season matches. The countries that currently hold most ties with the NBA are Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and France.

Also, the way we play basketball has changed. Not just the rule book is being modified, but also the style of play as we enter a full-fledged offensive display in the three-pointer revolution. For example, today’s league bears little resemblance to the NBA in 2010. Only two years ago teams averaged 110 points, 34 three-point attempts, 24 assists and 101 possessions per game. A decade ago, they averaged 100 points, 18 three-point attempts, 21 assists and 93 possessions per game.

In summary, the modern game is faster, higher-scoring and far more reliant upon the outside shot and ball movement.

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