NBA Style Rankings: Presidential Steph Curry, chic Nikola Jokić and more

The NBA took its talents to France last week to showcase the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons. This visit coincided with Paris Fashion Weekwhich spanned Tuesday to Sunday and made for unique opportunities for players to dabble in style.

In this week’s NBA Style Rankings, we’ll highlight some international outfits. We also have a few ranking debuts.

Alvarado has turned blindsided steals into a successful role with the Pelicans, and the second-year guard is on pace to average career highs in points, rebounds, assists and 3-point percentage. He’s a newcomer in the rankings, so let’s break down the fit.

“Grand Theft Alvarado,” as he’s affectionately called by fans and teammates, broke out the white Prada puffer coat, Louis Vuitton beanie and jeans with stitched-in four-leaf clovers. Alvarado being one of the most likable players in New Orleans is fitting.

Harden marketed the seventh edition of his signature shoe with Adidas in a way only he could. They’re expected to release soon, but he wants fans to know these aren’t just shoes to be rocked on the court — and I agree.

The 2018 league MVP found the perfect Celine hoodie to match his shoes. The various shades in the hoodie bring the pink out of his shoes. Harden is a risk taker with fashion, and this was a risk worth taking.

The jackets seem to get more impressive with each week. Hield makes his first appearance in these rankings with a burgundy-flamed yellow coat.

With a centerpiece like this, I can appreciate subtle matching. My eyes went directly from the burgundy flames to the burgundy Nike swoosh on his Air Force 1s. Even his Rhude hat has burgundy lettering. And you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of cargo pants. Hield was committed to the burgundy in this fit and fit paid off.

7. Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitans 92

We know. Wembanyama’s not in the NBA … yet. The likely No. 1 pick in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft caught up with NBA commissioner Adam Silver last week at the Bulls-Pistons game in Paris. Silver, by the way, stands 6-foot-3. Wembanyama just happens to be more than a foot taller.

Wembanyama brings something different to the rankings with a jean jacket featuring various shades of denim, white flame designs on the left shoulder and unique white stitching down the left arm. This jacket looks like a one of one, similar to how scouts are categorizing Wembanyama’s game. And we can’t forget the white side bag.

Wembanyama is expected to bring a playing style to the NBA that’s never been seen at his height, and hopefully he’ll continue to showcase pieces off the court like this jacket.

Washington is a well-dressed team, and Avdija is the latest to join in on the pregame-fit fun. In his style rankings debut, the third-year forward rocks a purple striped sweater with streaks of reddish-pink. Avdija has a Louis Vuitton cardholder and Mercedes-Benz keys in his hands, making for an unusual flex. He’s also got the cargo pants here for the win.

I have to give credit to the Wizards social team for the SpongeBob SquarePants reference with the caption. This was the perfect caption to complement the photo.

The Chicago teammates showed off two colorways of letterman jackets the team was gifted while in France, courtesy of an Off-White and Just Don collaboration.

Williams’ dark-blue letterman features a right sleeve with an assortment of patches with meaning to the Bulls. The ’66 patch represents the team’s inaugural 1966-67 season in the NBA. Above that, there’s a unique spin on Chicago’s bull logo. We can also see “Abloh” written in cursive, paying respect to Off-White’s late founder and CEO Virgil Abloh, who died in 2021.

Terry’s red edition has the same tribute to Abloh on the right side. On this left, we see the Bulls’ logo above what says “Milan, Italy” and “Chicago, USA.” Terry’s left sleeve has the signature Off-White stripes.

This was a stylish, commemorative leaving gift that only a handful of people will own.

If “it’s my birthday” was an outfit, it would be Herro’s seen here. A burgundy velor sweatsuit with white high-top Celine shoes, shades and a gold watch is a great way to express yourself on your special day. The 2022 NBA Sixth Man of the Year added a few chains and white T-shirt to tactfully unzip his sweatsuit for the look.

Kuminga’s age — he’s only 20 years old — often gets overshadowed by his athletic dunks and tenacity on defense. And this fit is n’t exactly indicative of someone born in 2002. But he’s clearly got style beyond his years and makes his debut rankings look effortless.

The baby-blue suit has a white windowpane pattern, but notice that his suit coat is essentially a trench coat with varying lengths on each side. His black turtleneck makes for a more sleek look than a collared shirt. Overall, a very impressive fit for the second-year forward.

Some refer to him as Steph Curry, but for this week and this week only, he’s President Curry. The Warriors visited the White House in their first trip to Washington since winning the 2022 NBA Finals, and Curry was clearly well prepared for the moment.

The reigning NBA Finals MVP went with a classic blue suit, white shirt and black tie. While it is a classic combination, he pulled it together extremely well, and the setting here is near once-in-a-lifetime. Unless, of course, you’re as talented as Curry. He could very well make a couple of more White House visits before his career is over.

Much like Jokić’s game, he’s consistently producing at a high level when it comes to his pregame fits. It seems each time he arrives in a suit, it’s more impressive than the last. This is just the latest example from the two-time league MVP.

Not only is his suit double-breasted, but his lapel is much lower than your traditional suit. Jokić has strategic splashes of dark blue with his Kangol hat, shirt and shoes. If you look closely, the suit looks woven to have a slightly different finish than typical suits.

He put the league on notice with his skills on the court years ago, but he’s got talent with his style choices off it, as well.

(Photo by Steph Curry: Noah Graham / NBAE via Getty Images)


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