Liverpool conspiracy emerges after VAR cheats Wolves as Alisson f*** up signals end of days

There’s claims of corruption at Anfield as the Mailbox is up in arms over the VAR mess that cheated Wolves into an FA Cup replay.

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Anfield confusion
Three things confused me about the Liverpool v Wolves game.

Can someone please explain how that Wolves goal was disallowed? Genuinely asking.

In the post-(non)goal confusion did the ref forget about to book Toti for taking his shirt off or does it no longer count? Genuinely asking.

If even Allison is starting to fuck up, is there any hope for Liverpool this season? Genuinely hoping.
Big D, Luxembourg

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VAR bafflement
I know it’s only Wolves, and it doesn’t mean more. But can someone explain to me that offside and subsequent VAR check, please? Why aren’t ITV showing replays over and over again? I don’t care that much as staying up is our priority, but surely someone needs to explain that decision?!
John, (I know brackets are Old Skool, but Klopp would be throwing excrement at the walls of the roles were reversed) Shropshire

Apparently the rules state otherwise but Salah’s goal has to be offside. Dont understand how someone wrote a rule stating that is ok.

Wolves offside? Where?

Oh and Alisson, yes a huge mistake but without him, we are bottom half.

Oh and our luck has run out. But also, where have the skills gone? all crosses and passes into the box look useless.
Nik (Good lord we look like shit), Munich

‘Out and out corruption’
Let’s not beat about the bush here, let’s just call that out for what it was. Out and out corruption to keep Liverpool in the draw.
Joel, Manchester.

So a misinterpretation of the offside law and a failure of VAR meant Liverpool first 13 drew with Wolves reserves. Congrats on gaining a replay, I suppose.
Garey (11 + ref + VAR ref) Vance, MUFC

Referee problems
So not to pile in on refs or anything, but I half watched the Liverpool Wolves game in the pub and watched a very obviously offside Liverpool goal stand and a maybe offside wolves goal get chalked off.

I’m still a big proponent of VAR despite everything, and it seems more evident than ever that the problem isn’t technology, it’s the refs using it.

And to be clear, I don’t think the issue is that the current crop of pl refs are particularly bad, I think it’s a problem up and down English football. Refs ascend to the top not because they’re clear eyed and sure decision makers, but because only a few people can endure endless weekends of abuse to make a serious refing career.

The FA needs to actually protect refs at every level or we will live with teams like wolves being robbed every year
Dan, Plastic LFC

Company to Everton?
Not sure if I am late to the party on this one, just caught up on the mailboxes, but there is one particular manager that might just fit the bill to take over from Lampard at Everton.
Whether he would want to, or not, is another question, but he is currently doing a fantastic job at Turf Moor top of the league playing some fancy possession football.
May see Everton as an upgrade and wouldn’t have to move too far, if at all.
He could be another Lampard/Rooney I suppose but he is also another of Pep’s desciples.
Worth a punt I reckon if they can persuade him to move.
Phil MUFC Salford

The Casemiro influence
Simon S asks if Casemiro could be a similar catalyst to success as Cantona. Whilst King Eric’s influence helped us get over the line that first season and also shaped the future by inspiring the “Fledglings”, I do think we’d have been successful under Fergie regardless had we signed another attacking player. How comparably successful is debatable. Nevertheless I believe Casemiro, much like Cantona, can help us be successful as he fulfills a role which is the lynchpin for any team and one which we have missed for some time.

How successful is another question, given the desire to deliver sustained (or an era of) success, which Cantona helped us achieve under Fergie. There is a lot of money around now spread throughout the league making dominance more difficult, but just as importantly to me is the number of top class managers coming to the PL. Mixing the likes of Pep with bags of money almost guarantees success or at least challenging for major honours. There is no denying City have been the most dominant team over the last 5-7 years, and had Pep not been at City it could potentially have been Liverpool for a few of those years under Klopp. Had Utd or Chelsea or Arsenal or Spurs also been capable of challenging consistently throughout that period then City may not have won as many trophies.

This highlights why sustained success in football is all about timing, just as I believe we would have won another couple of CLs had it not been for Pep’s Barca. So whether we can go through a period of dominance again, assuming we get our ducks in a row, is also likely to rely on the mismanagement of other teams, both on and off the pitch.
Garey Vance, MUFC

Simon S raises a good point. Casemiro (and other veteran players) can be a catalyst for clubs and Casemiro could turn out to be the turning point for man utd. His calmness, linkup with Erikson and general experience should be crucial and maximized by man utd. He might teach McTominay how to be good, you never know.

Schweinsteiger springs to mind as a similar signing – a veteran seasoned player who should have helped develop the team, but was treated poorly by Mourinho. Ten Hag comes across as a good man manager who will hopefully not repeat this mistake.

As a comparison, wrestling promotions sign veterans to big contracts in the hope that they can add name value and help younger wrestlers develop, give them a boost up the card and ultimately pass the torch. Back to football and Ronaldo had started to become a hulk hogan type character for man utd (egomaniac who refused to do any of the above).

We need a strong man utd to provide more competition and Casemiro can help them improve and whilst not of the standing of Ronaldo, seems to have helped and not hindered the team.


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