Hard work and daily self-improvement is the secret sauce to success: In conversation with Khwahish Gal

Khwahish Gal, a self-made actor and a Limca World Record holder for singing continuously for 12 hours at a very young age. She has recently been part of Bachchhan Paandey movie promotions when Bachchhan Paandey actors traveled from Mumbai to Delhi in a train with 12 Moj creators. As one of the popular content creators, she creates content on dancing, lip-syncing, and also makes funny videos. With close to 5.1 million followers on Moj and almost to 50 million likes, Khwahish talks about her journey di lei and her struggles di lei.

1. What inspired you to break your own Limca World Record twice at such a young age?

  • I love singing and want to better every day. My tough mindset has helped me in reaching this goal. I started with 12 hours of continuous singing, which was a big accomplishment for me. But it didn’t stop me; I decided to put in more effort, and I finished in 15 hours. When you know you’re doing something momentous, you should push a little more; I sang for 24 hours straight. So, I’ve made three records in three years. It was an incredible feeling to be able to break my own record every time.

2. Who do you think has contributed most to your success?

  • My Mother, of course. She has been there for me through all of my ups and downs. She supported me when I was down and motivated me when I was stressed. My entire family is supportive, even my father, but all credit belongs to my mother, who never lets go of my hand.

3. You are a multi-talented genius. Can you tell us more about your journey?

  • I had started my journey at the age of 8 and my name is also booked in Limca book of record. I have also worked in Jodha Akbar. My father is a business man and my native place is Indore. My current City is Mumbai. My passion is acting. I made normal videos it was not for publicity but public liked my video then I started making it. Basically, I am from middle class family. My family is very supportive and cooperative but my main hurdle was rejection but I didn’t lose my hope and I learned from my rejections. It was amazing journey and Akshay Kumar is my favorite and all the star casts of Bachchan Pandey are fabulous. It was my dream journey which I can’t express in my words. I have signed Punjabi music album which is going to be released soon. Never give up and keep on working

4. Tell us about your experience during the Bachchhan Pandey movie promotions.

  • They say that hard work pays off, and I feel that this is testament of that. Moj has always been a cheerleader of mine, and I’m grateful that they chose me for this Bachchan Pandey collaboration. I was ecstatic, and the opportunity to work with one of my favorite actors, Akshay Kumar, was like a dream come true. It was a fantastic experience working with all of the other Moj creators. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

5. How do you make sure that your content is engaging for your audience?

  • My fans are my inspiration, and the love and support they offer inspires me to go above and beyond just to make them happy. I spend a significant amount of time to research, experimentation with all of the tools accessible on Moj, and the creation of high-quality content that will entertain my audience.

6. As a content creator, what are your future plans?

  • As a content creator, my future plans are to engage my fans even more. Create quality content and try not to disappoint any of my fans.

7. Any upcoming project where we can see you dazzling on television screen?

  • Yes, there are a lot of projects, music albums and a heads up for my fans and audience that you will soon see me on your television screen. It is a surprise for you all.

8. What tips would you like to give upcoming creators?

  • The only advice I have is to keep working hard, to research, to explore, and to be honest in all your creations. We are all aware that this field is demanding, so don’t give up hope. The secret sauce to achieving all of your goals is hard effort and daily self-improvement.

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