Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Hires Former Halo, Elder Scrolls Dev

Midnight Society officially reveals Alex Fennell as Technical Director of Infrastructure, bringing experience with Halo, the Elder Scrolls, and more.

Over more than a decade since he began streaming and creating content, Dr Disrespect has become one of the most widely-recognized online personalities in the world. The popular battle royale streamer’s successful career on Twitch and later YouTube has seen Herschel “Guy” Beahm become an internet celebrity who recently announce a draft pick for the NFL’s 49ers, and even started his own game studio, Midnight Society. Now, with Dr Disrespect’s lofty ambitions for the studio to create AAA-level experiences, Midnight Society recently brought in a developer with high-profile experience.


The Doc’s fledgling game studio has seen no shortage of publicity since Dr Disrespect first announced the establishment of Midnight Society late last year. While little has been revealed about the developer’s first major project, supposedly a battle royale title, the studio has already seen backlash from fans over the use of NFTs as an aspect of its “Founder’s Pass.” Earlier this week, Midnight Society officially announced the newest member of its team, a developer with experience in Halo, The Elder Scrollsand more.

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Midnight Society announced Monday that the developer would be welcoming Alex Fennell as the studio’s Technical Director of Infrastructure. Fennell’s history within the gaming industry spans back over 20 years with the technical director spending time with companies like Ubisoft, Rockstar, 343 Industries, and Maxis among others. Fennell has previously worked on both the Halo and Elder Scrolls franchises, as well as several The Sims titles. Most recently, Fennell worked for Manticore Games, the studio behind the popular online title Core.

The reveal of Fennell joining the Midnight Society roster comes as just one in a string of recent announcements about new talent joining the studio. Recent announcements have seen former call of Duty and Star Wars gameplay engineer Jim Gray joining the studio with the developer advertising listings for several other positions through its official Twitter account. While the studio has yet to show off its in-development game codenamed “Project Moon,” the promotional imagery used for Midnight Society’s game has already led many to draw similarities between it and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

While Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society may have little to show yet regarding the studio’s debut game, the streamer himself has frequently been in the spotlight in recent months for his own accolades. Mountain Dew previously featured the iconic streamer with his own version of Mountain Dew Game Fuel and 2022 finally saw the conclusion of the Doc’s long-running dispute with Twitch, despite the streamer choosing to stay with YouTube. Between his own flourishing career as a streamer and the growth of Midnight Society, Dr Disrespect will look to remain in the online spotlight for years to come.

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