Celtics show championship mindset against Warriors

Just another game?


One of 82?

Come on.

A meaningless, mid-January regular season contest?

ask Al Horford.

“I wanted to win,” Horford said. “I wanted to win really bad.”

The Celtics beat the Warriors in overtime on Thursday in a Finals rematch that for most of the three hours these two teams dueled really felt like one. “Lots of energy tonight,” he said Jaylen Brown. The TD Garden crowd, more than 18,000 strong, filled in early. the let’s go Celtics chants lingered late. In his return from injury, Brown was loudly cheered. Draymond Green, a fast-rising Boston sports villain, was vigorously booed. Asked about the anticipation in the locker room, Joe Mazzulla deadpanned, “I’m sure they’ve thought about it.” Steve Kerr was more emphatic. Said Kerr, “Tonight will be a game with no shortage of motivation, for sure.”


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