Brett McGinty targets Celtic title after dominant Irish pro debut in Dublin

A large traveling support from McGinty’s home town, St Johnston and Derry where he learned his trade in the amateurs at Oak Leaf ABC, roared the middleweight on from the first bell in the first professional boxing card in Dublin in almost four years.

It was an electric atmosphere at the home of Irish boxing and McGinty certainly didn’t disappoint with his trademark all-action style ensuring a highly entertaining six rounder.

Despite hurting his left hand in the fourth round, the Ricky Hatton trained boxer delivered a polished display against a game Italian journeyman, who McGinty admitted he knew very little about going into the fight.

The 24 year-old was always in control, despite an admittedly ‘loppy’ fifth round, and he was awarded a points decision win of 59-55 to end what has been a frustrating year on a winning note.

“There’s nothing like fighting at home and I’m fairly happy with the performance,” said McGinty afterwards.

“I had probably one iffy enough round but I wasn’t using my left hand at all for round five and round six. I was feeling it in the fourth and was thinking about it too much so I reverted back to not throwing it at all and I had no success at all in the fifth.I was very poor to be honest.

“In the sixth they (his corner) kind of went through me and said ‘stop taking stupid shots’. If you’re going to use your right, tuck up, cover up and walk him down and then use your right inside and I had a lot of success in the last round and landed some good shots. It was probably a bit of a sloppy fifth but all round, not too bad.”

Unbeaten St Johnston middleweight Brett McGinty won his six rounder in Dublin on points.

McGinty’s team had no footage of 37 year-old Italian journeyman Allessandro Ruggiero (6-10-2) and while it was a case of entering the unknown, it proved a ‘beneficial’ fight for McGinty who knew he was in a battle from early on in the fight.

“I was pretty comfortable to be honest. It was a fight. As much as that lad was a journeyman, we knew nothing about him.

“There was no footage of him. It was just kind of the unknown but I knew he did eight rounds before and six rounds five or six times so knew he was going to be game but I have to say he came for a proper fight. “

Ruggiero was attempting to get him involved in a brawl but it was a measured performance from McGinty who thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

“It’s another victory. That’s 6-0 now and I’m starting to climb the ladder and starting to make a bit of progress. It was a good hard six rounds. To be fair, the Italian came to fight and was bang up for a fight.I was pretty entertaining all round and I’m really happy with it.

“It was a bit of an unknown coming into the fight. I knew the Italian’s record and knew who he fought so we expected him to be tough enough but there was literally no footage at all on the internet.

” So it was a complete unknown. He was a tough lad but I’m glad because he came for a fight and it was a good, interesting fight to watch instead of someone who just came to get through the rounds. That made for a good fight overall.He took a couple of solid shots.

“I landed some good shots on him and I was calling him on and he was calling me back. He wanted it as much as I did. He did start to weaken as the fight went on but I got sloppy in one round but overall it it was pretty good.

“I was having success and then I was just standing admiring it and at times I was taking one or two back which I am guilty of but there’s definitely things to improve on and things could’ve been better but first fight at home over six rounds .

“It’s good to have those kinds of fights. When you fight these journeymen they’re just there to get through the rounds and it doesn’t really benefit you but he was a tough lad and each round was beneficial to me and that’s six solid rounds to have under my belt now going forward.

“It felt good to be back at the National Stadium where he’s enjoyed so much success as an amateur and the first purpose built boxing venue in the world lived up to its reputation as McGinty felt he was ‘fighting in my back yard’ such was the noise generated by 200 odd boxing fans ‘starved’ of live fight nights on home soil.

“It was a really big night. There was a massive crowd there and I never got a cheer like it in all my days boxing even fighting. I felt like I was out in my back garden it was unreal.

“People don’t realize the National Stadium is purpose built for boxing. It’s absolutely ideal for a big atmosphere. If it’s half full or quarter full there’s an atmosphere because it’s a low roof and everything is very enclosed. close to the ring.

“You feel like the fans are on top of you, especially tonight. All the noise was coming from one side; they were all piled up in the corner. It’s a brilliant atmosphere and a brilliant place for boxing and I hope this is the start of many many shows in the future.

“I think they all enjoyed it and I really appreciate everyone coming down. It’s coming up to Christmas and it can be a big expense so I really do appreciate them all coming down and the noise they made was absolutely brilliant.”

He’s hoping it marks the first of many Irish boxing shows in the coming months.

“Irish boxing has been starved on the pro scene for the talent we have in Ireland and the level of fighters we have.

“Realistically there should be a show at least once a month so we can only hope that this can be the start of a chain of boxing shows in Ireland. Hopefully now that’s the start of many shows to come in the future.”

A home debut and six tough rounds under his belt, McGinty is hoping to push on in 2023 and challenge for domestic honours.”

The plan now is to push on now. I want to push on to domestic titles. The first title on the list would be the Celtic title which is an eight rounder so I would have to step up to eight rounds.

” I don’t know if that would be the next fight but I feel like I’m ready for that now and I know Ricky is happy for me to push towards that for a domestic title clash whether that’s Belfast or Dublin against another domestic fighter .

“These are the fights people want to see and get people interested in so hopefully in the New Year we will probably fight towards the end of February or start of month.

“Hopefully that’s for the Celtic title, if not then over the next six months we will push on towards the Celtic title and start getting into those big fights.”

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