Brandon Overton captures HTF Southern Showcase win at Deep South Speedway

Brandon Overton – Josh James photo

Brandon Overton Wins $5,000 in Hunt The Front’s Southern Showcase Opener
Rallies for Runner-Up Finish in Sunday’s Finale

EVANS, Ga. (11/21/22) – Brandon Overton picked up a $5,000 victory in Deep South Speedway’s Southern Showcase opener on Friday evening behind the wheel of his Wells & Sons Motorsports No. 76 Crossfit Overton / Allstar Concrete/ Longhorn Chassis by Wells Motorsports/ Clements Racing Engines – powered Super Late Models.

After snaring his 15th win of the year on Friday evening, Overton rebounded from a flat tire midway through Sunday’s finale to finish second.

“We were great off the trailer on Friday at Deep South (Speedway) and swept the program. Saturday we were in position to win again but had a flat tire and went to the back. We drove back through the field to second place but couldn’t find a way past Payton (Freeman) for the lead. Came up a little too short,” Overton shared. “This is crazy, just the way the dirt is. When the black comes, it’s actually the most grip on the racetrack. The bottom is just a little too fast and, hell I drove it as hard as I could the last 10 laps. That’s all I had. Hopefully the fans enjoyed it.”

On Friday afternoon, Brandon Overton took his Wells Motorsports No. 76 Super Late Model into battle at Deep South Speedway (Loxley, Ala.) for the two-day Hunt the Front Southern Showcase.

With 31 Late Models entered for Friday’s prelim, Overton captured the fast time honors in time trials with a 13,962-second lap before picking up a convincing heat race victory.

Grabbing the lead on the drop of the green flag in the feature, Brandon led the entire distance of the 25-lapper to record his 15th win of the 2022 campaign. He pocketed a $5,000 prize ahead of Payton Freeman, Joseph Joiner, Josh Putnam, and Spencer Hughes.

Back in action on Sunday after Mother Nature postponed Saturday’s event, Brandon secured his spot into the $22,000-to-win Southern Showcase finale with an eight-lap heat win.

Closing in on early race-leader Joseph Joiner by the halfway point, Overton inherited the lead on lap 25 after the leader slowed but discovered a flat right-rear tire during the caution period, relegating him to the tail.

He made an impressive charge to challenge frontrunner Payton Freeman for the top spot following a green-white-checkered but fell short, marking him second on the rundown.

Spencer Hughes, Josh Putnam, and Joseph Joiner completed the Top-5 finishers in the 50-lap affair.

The team looks to wrap up their season on December 2-3 with a pair of XR Super Series Super Late Model events at All-Tech Raceway (Ellisville, Fla.). The weekend includes a $20,000-to-win program on Friday and a $40,000-to-win event on Saturday.

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Brandon Overton would like to thank all of his marketing partners, which include Crossfit Overton, Wells Motorsports, Allstar Concrete, Longhorn Chassis by Wells, Big Dog Stump and Tree, RW Powell Construction, Convenient Lube, Big Blue Smoke House, Doug Campbell Body Shop , Clements Racing Engines, Penske Shocks, Garnto Southern Construction, Hoosier by Brian, Top Notch Kustom Koncepts, Steering Buddy, Impact Race Gear, Swift Springs, Penn Grade Oil, Quarter Master, Earnhardt Technologies Group, Wilwood, All-Star Performance, Wehrs Machine, Schoenfeld, Winters Performance, Performance Bodies, Peterson Fluid Systems, Sunoco Race Fuels, Fast Shafts, AFCO Racing Products, COMP Cams, Quickcar Products, and MyRacePass Marketing Services.

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31 entries


A Feature 1: 1. 76-Brandon Overton[1]; 2. 22-Payton Freeman[3]; 3. 10-Joseph Joiner[4]; 4. 212-Josh Putnam[12]; 5. 11-Spencer Hughes[2]; 6. 1C—Rodney Wing[7]; 7. 90-Brian Rickman[5]; 8. 88-Jeremy Broadus[21]; 9. 1-Jesse Enterkin[10]; 10. 51-Dean Carpenter[15]; 11. 17SS-Brenden Smith[19]; 12. 24-Steven Jernigan[17]; 13. 10C-Ryan Crane[6]; 14.0-Dewayne Kiefer[16]; 15. 99M-JR Moseley[22]; 16.91-Rusty Schlenk[18]; 17. 2-Bo Slay[9]; 18. 21-Shay Miller[24]; 19. 17TL-Mike Rodrigue[25]; 20. 54-David Breazeale[8]; 21. 1R—BJ Robinson[11]; 22. 98R-Ronnie Roberts Jr[14]; 23. 1M-Joey Moxley[13]; 24. 17M—Mount Skinner[26]; 25. 46-Chris Jones[20]; 26. (DNS) 79-Kyle Bryant

Heat 1:1. 76-Brandon Overton[1]; 2. 90-Brian Rickman[4]; 3. 2-Bo Slay[2]; 4. 1M-Joey Moxley[6]; 5. 24-Steven Jernigan[5]; 6. 88-Jeremy Broadus[7]; 7. 21-Shay Miller[3]; 8. (DNS)99A-Tim Anderson

Heat 2: 1. 11-Spencer Hughes[1]; 2. 10C-Ryan Crane[2]; 3. 1-Jesse Enterkin[5]; 4. 98R-Ronnie Roberts Jr[4]; 5. 91-Rusty Schlenk[6]; 6. 99M-JR Moseley[3]; 7. 17TL-Mike Rodrigue[7]; 8. (DNS) 51B-Brandon Carpenter

Heat 3: 1.22-Payton Freeman[1]; 2. 1C—Rodney Wing[4]; 3. 1R-BJ Robinson[3]; 4. 51-Dean Carpenter[5]; 5. 17SS-Brenden Smith[2]; 6. 79-Kyle Bryant[7]; 7. (DNS) 17M-Mount Skinner; 8. (DNS)99-Larry Yates

Heat 4: 1. 10-Joseph Joiner[1]; 2. 54-David Breazeale[2]; 3.212-Josh Putnam[3]; 4.0-Dewayne Kiefer[5]; 5. 46-Chris Jones[6]; 6.(DNS)17-Billy Franklin; 7. (DNS) 98-Arlen Smith

Qualifying 1: 1.76-Brandon Overton, 12:13.962[9]; 2. 22-Payton Freeman, 00:14,174[10]; 3.2-Bo Slay, 00:14,237[2]; 4. 17SS-Brenden Smith, 00:14.464[13]; 5.21-Shay Miller, 00:14,520[1]; 6. 1R-BJ Robinson, 00:14.520[15]; 7. 90 – Brian Rickman, 00:14,549[7]; 8. 1C-Rodney Wing, 00:14.664[16]; 9. 24-Steven Jernigan, 00:14,701[3]; 10.51-Dean Carpenter, 00:14,850[14]; 11. 1M-Joey Moxley, 00:14,864[5]; 12. 17M-Mount Skinner, 00:14.965[11]; 13. 88 – Jeremy Broadus, 00:14,980[4]; 14.79-Kyle Bryant, 00:15.195[8]; 15.99A – Tim Anderson, 00:15,930[12]; 16. (DNS) 99-Larry Yates

Qualifying 2: 1.11-Spencer Hughes, 12:14.406[5]; 2. 10-Joseph Joiner, 00:14,472[3]; 3. 10C – Ryan Crane, 00:14,537[10]; 4. 54-David Breazeale, 00:14.603[9]; 5. 99M-JR Moseley, 00:14,633[2]; 6.212-Josh Putnam, 00:14,673[14]; 7. 98R – Ronnie Roberts Jr, 00:14,781[11]; 8. 17 – Billy Franklin, 00:14,806[7]; 9. 1-Jesse Enterkin, 00:14,867[1]; 10.0-Dewayne Kiefer, 00:14,953[8]; 11.91-Rusty Schlenk, 00:15.066[13]; 12. 46 – Chris Jones, 00:15,777[12]; 13.17TL-Mike Rodrigue, 00:18.168[15]; 14. (DNS) 51B—Brandon Carpenter; 15. (DNS) 98-Arlen Smith

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