Black Friday bike deals live: computers, smartwatches, clothing, shoes and more!


Continental Grand Prix 5000 clincher tyres

(Image credit: Future)

When the first iteration of the GP 5000 tires was launched back in 2018, we were immediately impressed by the low rolling resistance, grip and – after an extended period testing – their good puncture resistance for such a performance oriented tyre. In fact we liked them so much we even gave them an Editor’s Choice award back in 2020.

Now, there have been a host of new models and editions launched since those heady days back in 2018 – you can get a version that’s compatible with hookless and tubeless setups, there are three different sidewall color options, and there’s TT and TdF editions as well – plus there are tire width options from 23mm up to a plump 32mm.

But here we’ve focused on the best deals and on the models most people are likely to buy – which means for the most part black sidewalls and clincher casings. But we have still included the discounts on tubeless and tan walls as the money saved there still isn’t to be sniffed at! You can read more about the best road tires we’ve reviewed just over here.

It’s now Stefan here on the live blog: hello everyone! And for those on the East Coast, hope you had a good Thanksgiving and welcome to Black Friday!

I’ll kick things off first with a handy 4iiii discount. Crank based power was already one of the cheaper ways of getting into riding with numbers, and 4iiii are generally pretty reliable for a good discount – this one is as cheap as I’ve ever seen it.

Images shows 4iiii's Precision 3.0 105 R7000 single-sided power meter.

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

We’ve long been impressed by the 4iiii power crank as one of the cheapest and easiest ways to start getting power readings on your rides. So long as you have a Shimano groupset, there’s only three bolts that you need to unscrew and swapping one in is arguably easier than changing a set of pedals.

Right now, the discounts are especially good, as 4iiii has recently launched an updated 4iiii Precision 3.0 model, which we’ve also recently reviewed. The improvements are incremental and it’s good to see 4iiii continuing to improve their products.

But at the same time, we’ve found the 2.0 version to be robust and reliably accurate and for pretty much everyone, we’d recommend snapping up one of the older models while there still is stock.

But if you’re interested in how the power meter stacks up against its competition, you can find our full guide to the best power meters for cycling just over here.

Image shows a rider cycling indoors using a Wahoo Kickr turbo and headwind.

(Image credit: Future)

Wahoo is a brand that has often delivered some proper bargains over the Black Friday period, but this year the Atlanta, Georgia, tech-company has surpassed itself. For 2022’s sales season Wahoo has dropped the prices of its Kickr V5, Kickr Bike 1.0 and Elemnt Roam V1 bike computer to their lowest ever. The Bike and Roam in particular look especially tempting with almost 50% cut from their original RRPs!

Image shows Shimano IC102 Indoor Shoes

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

We’ve recently reviewed the IC102 version of Shimano’s budget indoor specific shoe and were very impressed by the performance for the price. The breathability was good, the soles perfectly stiff enough for hard efforts and the Velcro strap made them super quick and easy to slip on before turbo sessions.

Now, these are at the entry-level end of the market – we’ve tested more expensive models that do offer more breathability from the upper, the nylon sole simply isn’t as stiff as its carbon equivalents and Boa dials offer more adjustment than you get with a Velcro strap.

That said, those shoes can go for over four times the price of this model – the point is that these shoes are really great value for their price and, if you’re not coming from a set of those top-end shoes, you’ re very unlikely to be disappointed by them.

But if you do want to see how this model stacks up against the best road cycling shoes we’ve had on test, you can find our buyer’s guide just over here.

Garmin Fenix ​​6S on a man's wrist

(Image credit: Future)

Editor Michelle was impressed with Garmin’s Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar smartwatch when it was launched earlier this year. Don’t worry, that hairy wrist isn’t hers. Instead that – almost – live shot shows Content Director Rob showing off his Garmin Fenix ​​6. As someone who doesn’t just ride a bike but also runs, boulders and goes to the gym (all badly, by the way) he’s a big fan of the multi-sport talents of the Fenix.

As it’s actually Rob writing this he doesn’t mind a) referring to himself in the third person and b) telling you that if you can grab a previous generation Fenix ​​you’ll be getting one of the best smartwatches for cycling out there. It provides you with enough data to fill several spreadsheets, plays music, shows you WhatsApp messages and, yep, tells the time!

Hello you!

It’s the final countdown (yeah, I’m singing it in my head) to the official launch of Black Friday 2022 – there IS an official launch right? – and from now until Cyber ​​Monday Cycling Weekly will be here to help you find the best – and most genuine – biking bargains out there.

Wherever possible, we’ll be snooping around the internet to see if we can find you deals on gear we’ve tested or bought ourselves so that you know the deals we present are good ‘uns!

So, keep popping back to see what we’ve found. And yes, we will be here during football/soccer games. (Although we might be a bit distracted at 7pm UK tomorrow…)

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