Best and worst Wetherspoons in Cumbria according to Tripadvisor reviews

Wetherspoons is known for its cheap drinks, sometimes questionable food and toilets that always seem to be hundreds of stairs away from your seat.

There’s not much to expect when you go to a Wetherspoons, just cheap and cheerful drinks and laughs with friends.

However, many customers take to Tripadvisor to leave reviews of less than cheerful experiences in different Spoons.

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Looking at Tripadvisor ratings from customers, we’ve put together a list of the best and worst Wetherspoons across Cumbria.

Best Wetherspoons in Cumbria

The Furness Railway

Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5 / 5

Where is it: 76-80 Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 5UB

The Furness Railway Wetherspoons is the highest rated in all of Cumbria, with customers giving it an almost perfect rating of 4.5 / 5.

The Furness Railway is a Wetherspoons Hotel where you can treat yourself to a room from as low as £ 129.

On customer ratings, cleanliness and service are both given 5 stars. Location and value aren’t far off, scoring 4.5 stars each.

Reviews praise this Spoons stating, “Wetherspoons has done it again”; according to this reviewer “it” was a great stay at the Furness Railway.

Another reviewer claimed they were “surprised” at the great tasting food.

The William Rufus

Tripadvisor Rating: 4/5

Where is it: 10-16 Botchergate, Carlisle CA1 1QS

The William Rufus in Carlisle is another one of the top-rated Spoons across Cumbria, with customer reviews giving it an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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Recent reviews are mixed, however, positive ones appear to have triumphed awarding the bar a high overall rating.

One reviewer calls it “surprisingly good”, while others claim, “it’s just Wetherspoons”.

The Woodrow Wilson

Tripadvisor Rating: 4/5

Where is it: 48 Botchergate, Carlisle CA1 1QS England

Carlisle’s other Wetherspoon also scores an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewers praise the fish and chips and steak as well as the staff service.

One reviewer called it a “consistently good pub” and another called it “efficient”.

The Bransty Arch Whitehaven

Tripadvisor Rating: 3.5 / 5

Where is it: 4 Bransty Row, Whitehaven CA28 7XE

Despite having a lower overall rating, reviews are not entirely negative of The Bransty Arch. Out of 57 reviews, only 8 rank it ‘terrible’.

Customers overwhelmingly praise the breakfast, with some calling it “the best breakfast in town”.

Worst Wetherspoons in Cumbria

The Dog Beck

Tripadvisor Rating: 3/5

Where is it: 21-22 Southend Road, Penrith CA11 8JH

The Dog Beck in Penrith is Cumbria’s worst rated Wetherspoons according to Tripadvisor.

Rating just 3 stars, customers still have some positive to say about this establishment. One calls it “unusually substandard” while another claims it has “gone down the nick!”.

Some customers still rate it a great place to eat, but others have called it “Neverspoons”.

The Chief Justice Of The Common Pleas

Tripadvisor Rating: 3.5 / 5

Where is it: 2 Bank Street, Keswick CA12 5JY

Reviews for this Wetherspoons in Keswick are rarely positive. Customers have called it “DIRTY”, “grubby” and have criticized the poor service.

Some positive reviews do exist, however, with some praising service and quality.

However, these are few and far between, with most customers citing slow service and disappointing food.

The Miles Thompson

Tripadvisor rating: 3.5 / 5

Where is it: Council Offices Allhallows Lane, Kendal LA9 4JH

The Miles Thompson in Kendal has very mixed reviews. Some praise the service and food, however the negative reviews take over giving it an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.

While some call it a “very nice Wetherspoons”, others have criticized the cleanliness, wait times and service.

One reviewer called it a “bog standard Wetherspoons”.

Henry Bessemer

Tripadvisor Rating: 3/5

Where is it: New Oxford Street, Workington CA14 2NA

Another rating of 3.5 overall, this time for the Henry Bessemer in Workington. Some reviews are positive and claim this Spoons to be a “find”, however negative reviews prevail.

One reviewer claimed to have found fingernails in their wings, while another branded the establishment “absolutely disgusting”.

Another customer claimed the beer was soapy, and others have criticized the service.

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