The Atlanta Hawks boast a solid roster in 2022-23, with a superstar point guard leading the way in Trae Younganother borderline star in Dejounte Murray and good role players like Clint Capela, John Collins and De’Andre Hunter.

Below, we present player scouting reports for every player on the 2022-23 Hawks roster.

draw young

Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best offensive players in the game… Super creative and skilled… Can shoot from anywhere on the court… Smart at drawing fouls… Fearless attitude driving to the rim… Great court vision with accurate passing skills… Inconsistent shooter on occasion… Can sometimes leave teammates disengaged with his shot taking… Physically undersized in the NBA… He’s a liability defensively… Doesn’t move around enough without the ball on offense.

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dejounte murray

Larry Robinson-USA TODAY Sports

Athletic, long-armed athlete at point guard… Specializes in defense… Uses long arms and quick lateral foot quickness very well on that end… Elite rebounder for his position… Streaky outside shooter… Average player offensively who lacks in efficiency… At his best pushing the peace in transition.

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john collins

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Freakishly athletic big man who can finish through opponents and above the rim… Also possesses a great skill level… Has the perfect style of play to be a power forward in today’s modern NBA… Can space the floor with the three, and attack the rim hard … Defensively, his impact isn’t anywhere near where it should be… Effort on that end wanes… Doesn’t move feet well on defense… Can show bad body language and not show good effort when team isn’t doing well.

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clint capela

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Athletic and long big man… Terrorizes opponents out of the pick-and-roll… Active rebounder on both ends… Excellent rim-protector… One of the best finishers in basketball… Can’t really defend on the perimeter… That hurts him defending switches … Poor free-throw shooter.

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deandre hunter

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Wing with prototypical size… Does a bit of everything well… That includes run pick-and-rolls, shoot from the outside and attack in transition… Ranks in the upper echelon in those play types statistically… Fantastic defender who guards just about every position… Offensive game is still rather inconsistent despite his well-rounded abilities.

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nba trade rumors john collins bogdanovic grayson allen crowder

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Versatile offensive guard… Loves responsibility in clutch time… Great feel for the game… Splendid court vision… Has experience as a leader on winning teams before arriving to the NBA… Unselfish player to a fault at times… Can struggle defending stronger rivals… A bit of a streaky shooter… Can play-make a bit.

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Onyeka Okongwu

Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images

Big man well-suited for the modern game thanks to well-rounded skill set… High-energy player on both ends of the floor… Projects as an elite shot-blocker thanks to timing, length and athleticism… Not just a great defender in the paint, either… He can switch onto guards effectively thanks to quick feet… Finishes everything in the paint… Surprisingly apt ballhandler for a big man… Struggles with his jump shot, but jumper isn’t totally broken.

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Knockdown shooter with his feet set… Can also hit mid-range shots off the dribble… Has a hitch in his shot he’ll need to get rid of if he’s to be an elite shooter… Knows how to draw fouls, including from the mid -range… Smooth, confident scorer from that area… Huge wingspan for a wing that gives him big-time potential on defense.

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aaron holiday

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Point guard who can create his own offense or for teammates… Hits threes at a high rate… Excellent shooter with his feet set… Mostly runs as a backup… Lack of size hurts him on defense and finishing around the basket… However, a very underrated defensive player… Knows what sort of plays are happening and can jump in front of passing lanes.

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Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Solid two-way player… Consistent effort on both sides on the court… Smart player reading offensive schemes… Good shooter from the corner… Selfless player… Can run the court in transition… Below-average ballhandler… Can’t create his own shot.

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Huge potential as a prospect but has yet to put it all together… That potential is due to his size and length that comes with lead-guard skills… Very fast player which helps him get out in the open floor… Able to get buckets from the midrange… Can finish above the rim… Multi-position defender… Streaky shooter though the shooting stroke is decent… Still entirely too inconsistent… Figuring out his game… Raw.

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frank kaminsky

Larry Robinson-USA TODAY Sports

Big man with a funky but sometimes effective offensive game… Doesn’t just spot up and shoot threes… Has a good amount of tricky moves in the post… That includes an effective up-and-under… Even creates plays for others at times… Despite height, gives nothing as far as rebounding and rim protection… Liability on defense.

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Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Good defender who moves his feet and uses athleticism very well on that end of the floor… Solid playmaker… Not much of a shooter from the outside due to funky three-point stroke… Good finisher in the paint, where he can finish with either hand and has a floater… Limited range as a shooter/scorer, though… Doesn’t project as a high-level scorer, but a dirty-work backup type eventually.

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Good size, length and decent athleticism for a modern wing… Inconsistent three-point shooter and free-throw numbers haven’t been good either, which is troubling… Smart passer, but too unselfish… Too comfortable falling into the background… Doesn’t make enough impact plays on defense despite physical gifts.

Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images

3-and-D role player with just decent athleticism… Improved three-point shooter… Gives good effort defensively… Can shoot either with feet set or off the dribble… Not much of a ball-handler… Struggles to get by defenders and score near the rim… Good mobility on both ends thanks to quick feet.